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Voices of Liberation is an 11-part dynamic and visual documentary about the liberation of Europe during World War II. It’s following the liberation route from the preparation for the largest military operation in history through to Berlin via personal stories.


More than 75 years later, the series gives a wide impression of the liberation through the voices of concerned parties, both from the past as from descendants, who will host the episodes. They take us to the most important regions during the advance of the western allies; from the south of England to the coast of Normandy, the Belgian Ardennes, the south-eastern provinces of the Netherlands, the German Húrtgenwald and Berlin.


The series guides along important milestones like D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt, but distinguishes itself by the search for personal stories instead of a summary of military details. It contains a wealth of footage and stories from letters, diaries and other writings, telling what all those players felt on that particular moment. Things even the specialized viewer did not know about the liberation of Europe.


Footage from during the war is combined with images from the present and the present-day places where the footage was made are explored. The stories are told by famous local hosts who each one of them have a familial connection with the Second World War and at the same time are known to the general public. Along the actual facts they also tell their personal stories.











Voices of Liberation

11 x 50’

In Production



Belgium, The Netherlands

English, French

Czar, Dutch FilmWorks

Koen Mortier

A.o. Bouli Lanners, Sarah Kaminsky, Bart Peeters, Christian Berkel, Geza Weisz, Thomas Brodie-Sangster