DFW International presents you the best of the Benelux at EFM 2020.
With crime series STANLEY in the Berlinale Series Market, the International premiere of romcom MEN AT WORK – MIAMI, first footage of family adventure PIRATES DOWN THE STREET and screenings of Box Office hits BLACK WIDOW and SINGLE STREET, it will be an exciting EFM.

To discuss these and more titles, please set up a meeting with Charlotte Henskens: chenskens@dfw.nl

We are located at Gropius Bau, stand #112.

Directed by Johan Nijenhuis 
Romantic Comedy, 115’

With lots of humor, spectacular choreographies and tempting muscles, four Dutch strippers try to open a stripclub in Miami.

Screening: Feb 22, 5.10pm, dffb Atelier Studio


Directed by Tim Oliehoek
Crime Series, 4 x 50’

Based on the true story of notorious criminal Stanley Hillis.
With the help of the government, Stanley evolves from 'gentleman' bank robber to ruthless kingpin.

Screening: Feb 24, 11.30am, Zoo Palast Club A


Directed by Pim van Hoeve
Family Adventure, 95’

Michiel (12) is very happy with his new friend next door, pirate Billy, but not everyone in the area is pleased with the new neighbors…

Screening: Feb 23, 9.15am, Marriott 2

                    - invitation only -


Directed by Diederik van Rooijen
Crime Thriller, 116’

After hiding in Canada for two years, former drug queen Carmen has to return to Amsterdam to fight her demons and keep her family safe.

Screening: Feb 21, 2.20pm, Marriott 1


Directed by Frank Krom
Feelgood Drama, 90’

Surgeon Mo (39) has only one focus in life: her career. When the extrovert Max becomes her new neighbor a special friendship arises.

Screening: Feb 21, 11.00am, Marriott 1