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If time travel exists, where are all the tourists from the future? 

Stephen Hawking 


When Ava - a young, grieving woman - visits the mysterious house she inherited from her recently passed brother, she meets Stellan: a man who claims to be from the future and says her brother was his ally. He promises he can bring her brother back on one condition: that she helps him with a mission. Ava doesn't believe him, but is soon forced to comply at gunpoint. As they take off on a road trip to time travel safe houses in desolate locations across Europe, Ava slowly starts to believe her mysterious companion's claims. She becomes obsessed by the possibility of a reunion with her brother, but then discovers there are other powers at work with an agenda of their own. With characters driven by a longing to change the past, Long Gone is an intriguing quest into the meaning of being human throughout the ages, the ethics of scientific advancements, and the importance of living in the moment.








Long Gone

8 x 50'

In development



Belgium, The Netherlands

Interstellar, Dingie, Videoland

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