In the year 754 AD, Frisia and Scandinavia are the only areas that have not been Christianized yet and where the people believe in nature gods and pagan rituals, and they are known as the ‘free folk’.  The border lies at the river Rhine. Below the river the Franks are in power, who have been Christian for a long time. Their believe is all about culture, penance and obedience. The Franks use everything in their power, including violence, to Christianize the Northern part of Europe.


When Redbad’s father, King of Frisia, is murdered during an attack of the Franks, Redbad doesn’t feel he is worthy to step into the footsteps of his father. His uncle makes a swift bid for power and blames Redbad for their defeat and his father’s death, and Redbad is pushed out to sea to die. 

But he manages to survive the journey and washes up on Viking shores, where he is slowly accepted into the clan.


When Redbad discovers his sister is forced to convert to be married off to the son of the Frankish King, he cannot turn his back anymore. Uniting a Viking army, Redbad returns to his home soil to defend his people and battle the Lord of the Franks, Pepin of Herstal.


Original title










The Legend of Redbad


4 x 50'


Historic action drama

The Netherlands

Dutch, English

AVROTROS (The Netherlands)

Farmhouse TV & Film

Roel Reiné

Gijs Naber, Jonathan Banks,

Søren Malling, Loes Haverkort