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A new international succes for PIRATES DOWN THE STREET following it's theatrical release in Russia last year: Mein Freund Der Pirat will be playing in German cinemas from 19 May and a release in Italy is scheduled later this year. The film has been available via HBO in Eastern Europe and more recently via Video On Demand channels in French speaking Europe, The US, Canada and the Baltics. The exciting family film by director Pim van Hoeve received a Golden Film award and attracted over 200.000 visitors in home country the Netherlands. Following its success, the sequel NINJA'S DOWN THE STREET is currently taking over Dutch cinema's and will be available for screening at the upcoming Marché Du Film.

Please enjoy our international compilation of PIRATES DOWN THE STREET here.


In PIRATES DOWN THE STREET the ordinary coastal town Sandsborough is turned upside down when the Blunderbuss family arrives, a sword-fighting, rum-drinking bunch of pirates. While the respectable residents are appalled by the family's ship-turned-home, guard shark and pet octopus, Michael (12) becomes friends with the new boy next door, pirate Billy (13). In NINJA'S DOWN THE STREET, the town is turned upside down once again, when the ninja’s move in next door. After all, pirates and ninja's are sworn enemies!

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