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DFW International sells MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK worldwide rights to Netflix

DFW International announces, during the Berlinale on the European Film Market (EFM), that it has sold the worldwide rights of MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK to Netflix.

The first Dutch theatrical film about Anne Frank tells Hannah Goslar’s poignant true story about her extraordinary friendship with Anne Frank. MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK is directed by Ben Sombogaart, known for RAFAËL, BRIDE FLIGHT and the Oscar nominated TWIN SISTERS. Filming is due to start next month - 75 years after Anne’s death - and will take place in Hungary and the Netherlands. Lina Brouneus, Director Co-production & Acquisition at Netflix: “We are very proud that the film MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK will be globally released on Netflix. Netflix hopes that the story about best friends Hannah and Anne touches, connects and inspires people from all over the world - like Anne's diary has done for decades. It is a heartbreaking story about friendship and xenophobia, which is just as relevant in 2020.” About the film Hannah Goslar (1928) and Anne Frank (1929) are best friends at the time of the outbreak of World War ll. When the Frank family goes into hiding, they lose sight of each other. Three years later, in 1945, the two girl's experience an extraordinary meeting at concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Courageous Hannah risks her life hoping to help her seriously weakened friend.

MY BEST FRIEND ANNE FRANK is produced by FATT productions and Talent United in collaboration with the Dutch distributor Dutch FilmWorks.


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