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STANLEY selected for Berlinale Series Market

STANLEY, directed by Tim Oliehoek, has been selected for Berlinale Series Market, part of Berlin International Film Festival (February 20th – March 1st), where the series will have its international premiere.

The mini-series is based on the life of Stanley Hillis, one of the most infamous criminals of The Netherlands. We follow his career from ‘gentleman’ bank robber to hardened drugs criminal and ends with his mysterious death in 2011, when he was murdered right before the eyes of the police. A criminal reckoning that has never been solved.

STANLEY tells the story of the rise and fall of the drug criminal, but also of the bizarre IRT affair. In the early ‘90s, the public prosecutor, together with (dirty) cops and customs officials allowed thousands of kilos of drugs into the country, in order to catch the top of the Dutch drug empire. This resulted in the biggest legal scandal The Netherlands has ever known. Not just drugs, but also weapons and explosives could freely cross the borders.

STANLEY is about the cat-and-mouse game between the Justice Department and the criminal underworld, but especially about the remarkable players on both sides. Mistrust, money problems and betrayal lead to the breakdown of the brotherhood in Hillis’ group. And this means that eventually, heads will roll. Nobody is spared, not even Stanley...

STANLEY (4 x 50’) is created by the team behind award winning series THE BODY COLLECTOR (2016): director Tim Oliehoek, writers Robert Jan Overeem and Jan Harm Dekker and acclaimed production company NL Film.

Screening times for STANLEY will be announced at the end of January.


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