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DFW International adds FAY & TOM to catalog

DFW International has added the series Fay & Tom (original title Fien & Teun) by Van Hoorne Entertainment to its catalog for worldwide sales. With already three seasons available, this series is a big success on TV with the 2 – 8yo kids in The Netherlands. Atheatre show, theme park and a wide range of merchandise such as books, toys and a back-to-school line confirm the commercial success of the series.

DFW International offers international buyers 63 x 6’ episodes of the series. In each of the 6’ episodes, the little farmer kids Fay and Tom learn something about agricultural life on the farm. Together with their friends Sebastian the pig, Rosa the cow, Pim the dog and their sheep Mike and Molly, they experience the most exciting adventures. On their farm, Fay and Tom learn all about animal care, nature and the origin of their food.

Willem Pruijssers, CEO DFW International: "We are proud to announce the first collaboration with Van Hoorne Entertainment; the market leader in family entertainment in The Netherlands. Fay & Tom is 100% child-friendly and the humor, cheerfulness, exellent storytelling and colourfull characters make the series an interesting brand for succes across the borders."

Michael van Hoorne, CEO Van Hoorne Entertainment: "It is time for Fay and Tom to cross the border! With a beautiful and succesful series, their own themepark and strong merchandising line, it is great that we can take the international step together with DFW. I think that there are few parties that can help build a brand like they can. We have the same energy and enthusiasm to make this a huge success. This makes our partnership very valuable. Fay and Tom fit like no other in the spirit of today where origin is very important. Where does our food come from and how does everything grow? With a strong partner as DFW we accept the challenge to tell the story about Fay and Tom abroad."


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